4-5 DB First Gen
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Start Time:2/20/2024 5:00:00 AM
End Time:2/21/2024 3:52:22 AM
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Ear Notch:4-5
Sire:Red Rage
Dam:Lowkey x Backdraft
Date Of Birth:January
Description:The 4 litter is our bred sow purchase from son rock farms. Sow’s pedigree reads lowkey x backdraft. Bred to red rage housed at shaffers goldrush and these things are killer. Big backed, wide chested hogs that can still move around with a lot of flexibility. If you like reds, these ones are worth taking a look at! We believe that these hogs have what it takes to get you into that winners circle.

Contact Kody with any questions @ 937-422-5238 or Andy @ 937-407-7396.

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