23-1 XB Brown Showpigs
Lot Number:33
Start Time:2/20/2024 5:00:00 AM
End Time:2/21/2024 3:52:22 AM
Bid Count:7
Winning Bidder:5****3
Starting Bid:$200.00
Bid Increment:$25.00
Current Bid:$325.00
Bidding complete
Ear Notch:23-1
Sire:One Truth
Dam:Best Secret x Visionary
Date Of Birth:December
Description:We Crossed One Truth with our Best Seceret x Visionary cross to come up with a very cool set of pigs. As you can see these pigs are massive topped and super square hipped. They have a stout forearm, square blade and opens up with a ton of body but also do so with while keeping a clean head and neck. As you can see they are tall fronted and some of the barns favorites.

Contact Ron with any questions @ 419-236-8516.

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